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Little John crossbow and bow shooting gallery​

A gallery with automated targets

We present you a Little John crossbow and bow shooting gallery! This is an outstanding gallery that does not have analogues in Russia. You can buy a gallery with all the equipment needed.

For the first time ever kids and grown ups can be real hunters and shoot super natural 3D figures of animals and birds with real bows and crossbows.

A party of archers/crossbowmen can take part in a tournament (a kind of archery bowling) – counting the points is totally automated. Each good shot is followed by special sound effects.

Video about the gallery

Gallery advantages​
Little John shooting gallery is a turn-key ready business​
It is an absolutely unoccupied niche in the entertainment industry. Shooting in the gallery is a family entertainment​
Gallery design and the games you can play there can attract both kids and grownups of any sex by being exotic and fascinating​
Materials used in construction are carefully selected and tested in the real life conditions and they have a long lifetime​.
Using top notch computer technologies provides a gallery work automation and supports the highest safety level of shooting a bow or a crossbow.​
Full consulting and post sale support includes the software updates and expendables.​

Crossbow and bow Little John gallery is a standalone room (dimensions are: width 3m, length 6-10m, height 3 m) designed in a middle ages style.

Carefully selected thematic accessories create an Old England atmosphere. 

The gallery is designed for shopping centers and malls. Would you like to set it outdoors? That’s easy – buy an additional outdoor package and set the gallery in the park!

Additional revenue flow is selling crossbows and bows. The goods are placed in a glass showcase installed in the gallery walls.

What’s more – the showcases provide the viewers a good view on the shooting process that increases the interest to the gallery.

Due to modern engineering solutions the gallery is a construction set that is made of separate units-shields that provide the easiest assembly. It also helps to vary the length of the gallery and the number of showcases according to the room specifics you have.

Transportation of the disassembled gallery is also easy and does not require special transport equipment.

The appearance of the medieval style pavilion increases еthe eye appeal of the gallery. It is an obvious advantage of the turn key galllery compared to the basic one.

Virtual panoramic view of the gallery
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The inner space of the gallery is vast, well lit and is excellently vented, providing the interior unforgettable sense of the Sherwood Forest.

The sounds of wildlife and specially selected background music emphasize a medieval flavor of the Little John crossbow and bow shooting gallery.

The players are in the specially designed shooting zone that provides full safety when shooting crossbows and bows. The shooting is in full control of the experienced instructors.

The bows and the crossbows have relevant certificates and belong to «for leisure and entertainment» category. The gallery has 3 shooting lanes.

You can
Make your children dream come true and shoot a real bow and a crossbow in the gallery​
Take part in the knight tournament or a royal hunt and feel the hunter passion yourself​
Receive a detailed safety briefing and a brief on the specifics of shooting a bow and a crossbow in the gallery​
Receive and advice and buy bows, crossbows and necessary accessories, do fitting and fire adjustment for the equipment you bought​

Games in the gallery

Knights Tournament

The game can take place on one or two lanes. The players shoot arrows from bow or a crossbow to one special target.

Hitting a small target provides 3 points, a medium one – 2 points, a big one – 1 point. There are also bonuses for a good series of shots.

Calculation of points is automated and is shown on the screens that are in the gallery. It helps the players and the viewers to keep in touch with the tournament situation.

Bulls eye!!!

The game can take place on one shooting lane. Player shoot a target with painted circles with a bow or a crossbow.

The closer the arrow is to the center – the more points he gets. The ones who want to feel as a real archer or a crossbowman sportsmen will enjoy the game. For the players convenience the game has a camera with a good zoom so that you can clearly see where at the target was the arrow hit.

A Royal hunt 3D

Game can take place on one or two lanes. The players will shoot supernatural figures of birds and animals. The player will enjoy being a hunter for the age-old forest inhabitants.

The main advantage of the game is that at a good shot the animal figure will be hit from its place and the player will hear the sound of the fowl, The unique system of visual and sound accompaniment of the Royal Hunt does not have analogues and provides unforgettable sense of a real hunt.0

Basic package of the gallery

A basic package of the gallery is the internals of the Little John gallery without the pavilion. 

Purchasing a basic package of the Little John gallery you receive a maximum of the opportunities at small costs. If you already own a room or rent it you will be able to start 3 lanes Little John gallery with the help of the basic package.

Appropriate dimensions of the room for 3 lanes are  3х8-10х3,2m. But actually there is no strong binding to the room size.

You can install the basic package of the LIttle John gallery at any room:
- a standalone room in the mall
- a framed tent in the park 
- a room in a caffee or in the restaurant 
- a room in the SPA resort.
In order to have a max of the income the location has to have a good traffic 

In order to ensure safe work of your gallery we will provide you with a special material that will prevent the arrows from flying over the gallery perimeter.

You can complement tha Basic package of the Little John gallery according to your needs. Order additional targets, weapons, arrows software and other equipment. We are ready to discuss with you any options on setting up a gallery.

We are always ready to provide you free information support. Anytime. Free.

Basic gallery package – 4 369 $
  • Little John gallery management software: Games, Points Calculation, Videotranslation
  • Mechanical tripple target with signal generation unit for the Knights Tournament game - 2 pcs.
  • Mechanical signal generation unit for the Royal Hunt game  - 5 pcs.
  • Signal distribution unit
  • High durability arrow receiver for the Bulls eye!!! game 
  • Mantelet for the Bulls eye!!! game
  • Special 3D models of birds with arrow  receivers - 5 pcs.
  • System for installing targets and equipment
  • Crossbow: Man Kung 150A - 2pcs.
  • Bow: Samick POLARIS
  • Crossbow arrow: EASTON - 12pcs.
  • Bow arrows: EASTON - 10pcs.
  • Desktop computer: AM2 Athlon - 2500MHz, M3N78-VM\1GB PC6400\80GB\Win
  • Screen 19" (for the viewers) - 2pcs.
  • Acoustic system: subwoofer, 2 speakers
  • Digital Logitech camera for the Bulls eye!!! game
  • Optical mouse and keyboard- 2pcs.
  • Specail theme banner for the backwall with the arrow non penetrative material
  • Бумажные мишени для игры "В яблочко!" - 20шт.
  • Комплект сопроводительной документации
  • Pavilion for the gallery - 4 386 $
  • Medieval style pavilion: pine wood, 3m./6m./3,2 m., assembled mantelets, option to install store windows, prewiring, lights
  • Special arrow proof ardome
  • Styled cloth for the instructors: waistcoat, shirt- pcs.
  • Historical flag - part of a design - 4pcs.
  • 17" Screen to be installed at the gallery (client screens), styled frame - 2pcs.
  • Farm to put the weapons and goods stock
  • Floor coating
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Medical kit
  • Outdoor package - 1 000 $
    • profiled flooring at the roof
    • armored frames of the pavilion
    • vandal proof wall cover
    • without the client screens

    You are a beginning entrepreneur. What to start with?

    1. Register as an individual entrepreneur (this is what we advice you to do in Russia, the advice might be different in other countries);

    2. Find a place for a gallery at your city or town;

    3. Sign a rental agreement with the landlord (or a mall). Bargain on the price till you get the one you like. Show a gallery presentation to the owner;

    4. Receive a gallery from us and set it up (a detailed manual comes with a gallery);

    5. Make a huge event on opening the airsoft shooting gallery!Meet your first customers!;

    6. Trade at your gallery. The showglasses in the walls provide additional revenues;

    7. Now you can have the money you invested into the gallery back! In Russia the state grants beginning entrepreneurs with money for socially important projects.

    The Little John gallery franchise

    Advantages of the Little John franchise:

    - Franchise is an excellent way to start your business from nothing based on a strong company's experience;

    - There are no lump sums and statutory payments. Franchise is free;

    - Free consultations for the gallery owner. We know all about the shooting galleries and will teach how to earn a lot;

    - Free mock-ups for the advertising materials on the gallery are available for you;

    - You will always have your personal discount buying goods from us;

    - There are no analogues of the Little John shooting gallery. With such a tool you will be always welcomed at any mall or a park.

    Franchising is a good start for a begining entrepreneur!

    Technical information

    • Dimensions: width-3m; length-6-10m.; height-3m.
    • The mass of a set up gallery is - 1000kg. The volume is 10 cubic meters.
    • The foreground mass is 250kg. The voulme is 1,2 cubic meters.
    • Electricity requirements - 220V/50 Hz. Consumption is 0,3 kW/h.
    • Installation time - 10 hours of two workers. Contract supervision assembly is available at additional price.
    • Payment form - any. We sign a delivery  contract to your city.
    • The warrant on the targets is 1 year.