- Our galleries are born in Russia on our own production. We have made 800 galleries in 10 years.

To be honest, we are still in our childhood and still continue playing toy soldiers. I believe that it is the only way to create interesting shooting galleries.

Emil Minlibaev, leader

We create entertaining galleries

We do things in such a way that people in parks or at the malls shoot targets sharply and win prizes meanwhile the gallery owners receive sustainable income.

We design galleries in different themes: from the Stalingrad battle panorama to Russian folk fairy tales. The entourage gallery attracts more customers than some awkward cabine with cans as a targets. We fill the galleries up with different weapons: crossbows and bows, pneumatics and airosoft. People enjoy the huge range of options - it makes them shoot more.

If you want to purchase a gallery in  Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia and other CIS and foreign countries you met the right men - we deliver our galleries to any countries.

Entourage and option to choose weapons is important in the galleries

Safe entertainment is our speciality. The bullets and arrows do not rebound. You can install the gallery at a kids etnertainment center or in a park and do not worry about the people around. We tie weapons using hawsers so that it can not be turned around. We do targets from antirebound materials. We do a lot of test on the stands in our production.

We supply the targets with electric drives. The instructor sets the targets back up from the remote control, not manually. We automated bullet delivery so that the customers are served faster. 

Each shot is checked at the accounting system and it helps you with dishonest employees.

We will train employee to work efficiently.

We have requests from the beginning entrepreneurs who love shooting and would like to open their own business. If the gallery is installed at a place with good traffic it will become a source of sustainable income. Parks and malls love our galleries because they can add more fun experience and income to the entertainment zones.

We are a team of 7, each of us has more than 10 years of experience. We work on one gallery from 1 to 20 days on our production. If you have an urgent order we will work in two shifts and build up a gallery overtime. A transport company will deliver a gallery anywhere in Russia and abroad. We will fix any breakage on warrant in 2 days or will advice you how to fix the target yourself. 

We give warranty on galleries and provide service

Unfortunatley, we do not work with virtual and lasergun galleries. We believe that a gallery has to provide people with real emotions meanwhile one can always shoot monsters on the screen at home.

Our passion for shooting comes from childhood. We were climbing the trees with wooden bows and arrows till the dark. We haven't missed a single Robin Hood movie. We are happy to combine our passion for shooting and creating interesting galleries. 

Our production

Social projects

Archery federation of the Republic of Tatarstan

In 2009 we created the first archery school in Kazan. Currently our instructors have trained 700 sportsmen - archers in the republic. We steadily win first prizes at big competitions. We have archery in our hearts.

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Khrustalnoe lake piscatory lodge

In 2011 we started pisciculture enterprise in the Rybnoslobodskiy district of the Republic of Tatarstan. At a Khrustalnoe lake you can fish and cook your take using coal, leisure in comfort houses. We love nature and it is mutual.

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