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The Hunt pneumatic shooting gallery

A gallery with automated targets for pneumatic rifle

In Russia one has an eye for real hunting. In the Hunt pneumatic gallery one can feel himself a real hunter without causing harm to the nature.

Your customers are the children from the age of 6 and also the adults. All the targets have electric drives. There are static and moving targets. The back wall does not deform.

You can buy a gallery and set it up in a park or at a mall. That will provide regular income.

Video about the gallery

Gallery Features​
The Hunt gallery is a ready business​
Motivating prize system is designed and the customer will return to your gallery to win super prize​
You can sell pneumatics in the gallery – place the goods in the vitrine and get additional income​
The Hunt gallery is delivered in a construction kit. You can buy a gallery and assemble it yourself using our manual and save on installation​
Pneumatic gallery does not require a license or a permission​
We offer a bullet distribution machine with a bill acceptor. The bullets are delivered 4 times faster compared with the manual delivery and you can forget about dishonest employees forever​

Commercial offer

A short summary with all important details on a gallery. Show it to your partner or investor.

Pictures of our galleries that are installed across Russia

The Hunt gallery is being offered for only a year and we already sold 17
galleries, The biggest part of them is installed at the malls.

Targets in a gallery

Targets in the Hunt pneumatic gallery are made of 3mm width steel according to GOST. One will not bend it even if tried hard.

All the targets have an electric drive. The employee in the gallery does not have to set go and set the targets up manually instead he is doing it using a remote control. It speeds servicing the customers up to three times and increases the revenue of the gallery in 4 times.

All the targets are made up with the max detailing possible. Just have a look at the deer’s horns! Your customers will definitely enjoy the beauty of your gallery!

The wolves do not walk alone.

The boars are moving, the ducks are flying. Kids like it of course!


Gallery pavilion is a standalone room (dimensions are: width 3,2m.; length 5,1m.; height 2,5m.).

The pavilion is made of wood and is styled as a hunting lodge. The gallery is designed according to the GOST regulations. It can be installed outdoors.

The time of the “bottles and cans” galleries where you had to shoot at whatever turned up has passed. You and your customers will enjoy a tasty picture of a Russian hunt!

You have your own room? That’s great, you don’t need to buy the whole pavilion, you can buy the back wall with the targets, hang banners on the walls and the gallery is ready to work. You will save a lot.

Kids will always reach the rifles and enjoy shooting. Varnished stools will help them.

We are proud of the gallery table. It has three layers of marine varnish, canvas bags to support rifles, bullet vaults. Everything is designed to have maximum revenue.

Not a single bullet will be lost special vaults are designed at the tabletop for that.

Prizes for accurate shooters are also in the table. Everything has a decore of a hunter lodge.

The back wall is made of pneumo armor. A beautiful forest panorama will never get damaged by the bullets, forget about repainting the background wall!

Gallery advantages​
The gallery can be set up at the a malls publicity. 
Add the gallery with an outdoor package and set it up outdoors at the park.​
The targets in the pneumatic gallery move. A moving target causes customers to buy additional shots.​
Foreground of the gallery is an eye-catching picture of the Russian hunt. Special transparent pneumo armor that will protect the picture for many years is used at the Hunt gallery. Your Hunt gallery background will always look like a new one.​

Customers come to the gallery not for the shots but for the emotions!

A shooting gallery is a classical entertainment

A gallery always has sustainable income.

Gallery installaiton process

Installation time is 10 hours of 2 persons work. Supervised installation is available at additional price.

The gallery background – 4 000 $​

The gallery background is a back wall will targets and controls, without a pavilion.

It contains:

  • 50 targets (20 birds, 7 hares, 4 running boars, 4 swimming ducks, 9 wolves, 3 flying ducks, 2 mooses, 1 prize). All targets have an electric drive.
  • Target fastening system. Anti rebound pneumatic armor. Steel screen on the legs.
  • The background dimensions: width 3m, height 2,2m.
  • Electric target control unit.

You can install it at your room. Recomended room dimensions: width from 2,5m to 3m., length from  4,5m to 6m., height from 2,2m to 3m.

Decorate the side walls with ourhunting picture banners. The price is 226 $.

Pavilion – 3 667$
  • You can install pavilion with a gallery in a mall or at a cinema. This is an out of the box solution. 
  • It includes:

    • A hunting style pavilion: pinewood, width-3,2m.; length - 5,1m.; height -2,5m., assembled mantelets, painted hunt panoramaoption to install store windows, prewiring, ligths
    • Reproductions of russian artists paintings on hunting at the gallery otside walls – 8 pcs.
    • Bulletproof roof
    • Camouflage net – a design element
    • Table to store weapons, goods and prizes
    • Locking entrance lobby
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Medical kit

    You have to add a Street package in order to install the pavilion outdoors.

    On demand
    Street package for the outdoors - 1 018$

    Street package is needed to install the pavilion outdoors. It is to save a gallery from weather conditions and vandals. 

    It includes:

    • Rain protection. Profiled flooring at the roof
    • Armored frames of the pavilion, additional farms and frames
    • Vandal proof wall cover. Steel plates at the inside surfaces of the pavilion
    • Armoreed entrance group. Waterproof plywood with steel plates
    • On demand roller shutters of the entrance
    Metal roller shutters (roller blinds) – 527 $

    Roller shutters with lock, vandal proof.

    Bullet delivery device - 1 299 $

    Bullets are provided by 10 or 15 unit capsules. It increases the service speed and saves from dishonest employees.

    The device includes: 

    • vandal proof bill acceptor 
    • an option to hang on a wall
    • bullets are packed in capsules
    • capsule price - 0.2 $ (10 bullets)
    • capsule price - 0.4 $ (15 bullets)
    Weapons - 299 $

    3 МР-512 rifles (with renovated

    plastic), muzzle energy 3J

    Window case - 158 $

    • Wooden frame, reinforced glass, locks, light diode backlight

    • You can add up to 8 window cases to your gallery – only available for the indoor gallery.

    Prize set 123 $

    Overseas cap, flask, pot, seabag,sailor shirt, clam shovel magnets – souvenirs – 100 pcs.

    Instructor uniform – 53 $

    Camouflage jerkin and trousers. Sizes 48-54

    You are a beginning entrepreneur. What to start with?

    1. Register as an individual entrepreneur (this is what we advice you to do in Russia, the advice might be different in other countries);

    2. Find a place for a gallery at your city or town;

    3. Sign a rental agreement with the landlord (or a mall). Bargain on the price till you get the one you like. Show a gallery presentation to the owner;

    4. Receive a gallery from us and set it up (a detailed manual comes with a gallery);

    5. Make a huge event on opening the pneumatic shooting gallery! Meet your first customers!;

    6. Trade at your gallery. The showglasses in the walls provide additional revenues;

    7. Now you can have the money you invested into the gallery back! In Russia the state grants beginning entrepreneurs with money for socially important projects, the Hunt gallery qualifies for it.

    The Hunt gallery franchise

    Advantages of the Hunt gallery franchise:

    - Franchise is an excellent way to start your business from nothing based on a strong company's experience;

    - There are no lump sums and statutory payments. Franchise is free;

    - Free consultations for the gallery owner. We know all about the shooting galleries and will teach how to earn a lot;

    - Free mock-ups for the advertising materials on the gallery are available for you;

    - You will always have your personal discount buying goods from us;

    - There are no analogues of the Hunt shooting gallery. With such a tool you will be always welcomed at any mall or a park.

    Franchising is a good start for a begining entrepreneur!

    Technical information

    • Dimensions: width - 3m.; length -5m.; height -2,3m.
    • Mass of set up gallery - 900kg . Volume  - 8 cubical meters.
    • The backstage mass - 250kg. Volume - 1,2 cubical meters.
    • Electricity requirements - 220V/50 Hz. Consumption is 0,3 kW/h.
    • Installation time - 10 hours of two workers. Contract supervision assembly is available at additional price.
    • Payment form - any. We sign a delivery  contract to your city.
    • The warrant on the targets is 1 year. The warrant for the backstage is 15 years