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A Hunter shooting bar

New bar format

We have been creating shooting galleries for many years and during that period we have developed dozens of targets and hundreds of devices. We still have the ideas of new galleries as well as our desire to invent.

The time has come to have all our developments in one big location. In the Hunter shooting bar you can shoot and enjoy your time in a bar.


Your advantages:

  • Absolutely new leisure format for Russia. The shooting zones neighbour with a bar. The revenues grow from the drinks as well as from the shooting.
  • All inclusive system on shooting provides an excellent result on profitability. The paid time with the unlimited shots races by.
  • You can use unmarketable spaces. The club can be installed at the underground parking of the mall or any other underground rooms in good traffic areas.

You can arrange shooting animal models and make a hunt with a bow or a
crossbow affordable for everyone.

Bar is integral part of the Hunter shooting club. The bar revenue makes up the basis revenue streams. The same time strong drinks are not sold there for the safety reasons.

The customers love shooting in the pneumatic  Intercept gallery. The post nuclear theme is popular as never before nowadays.

The kids will also have their part of attention and fun. Young shooters will learn and master the basic skills at the "Hunt" and "Young King" galleries.

Throwing knives and axes is designed with all the safety requirements.

Classical darts are forever

The shooting club room is separated into different locations. You can have a chat in a quite place while your friends are passionate about  trowing knives in a specially designed zone.

We will take care about the design project of your club. It considers both the rooms and company style.

The club will have a weapons shop, for the first time ever you can shoot a crossbow or a bow just at the counter

Your club will often have corporate events and also the big tourist groups
will love it

Design examples

The price of opening a Hunter shooting club is calculated on demand. We will

form up the estimate cost sheets and discuss the development concept. The
production time is 2-3 months.

The Hunter shooting club is operating in Kazan. We would be glad to see you at 66 Zorge street, Kazan. Olymp shooting club. tirkazan.ru