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Intercept pneumatic shooting gallery

A gallery with targets from the post nuclear world

Intercept is a pneumatic gallery of the post nuclear world. Your customers will shoot zombie figures and other evil creatures of the Stlaker, Fallout an Mad Max world.

The gallery is installed at your room. Minimal width is 2,5m, minimal length is 4m. The gallery has mooving and static targets. It is reliable and durable.

At the Intercept the shooter cabins are devided by the baffles as in a military gallery.

The walls are painted with pictures of city saturated by the radiation. The zombies attack!

Behind the targets there is our signature bullet cathcer - Bulletstop. Special fabric takes all the missed shots. It has a phenomenal durability - will last long.

The moduls are easy to put on different range. There is a number of targets in the module:

  • add-on paper Zombie target that has to be changed according to runout.
  • Biathlon target - five falling white circles.
  • Kennigsberg assault mini gallery. Proven target that you can sell in our gallery separately.
  • Hares target for sharpshooters. Rotates when hit.

The number of the modules with targets depends on the room dimensions you have. The width of the module is 70cm, the height is 190 см.

Hit the target and it will rotate. You will see the result immideately.

The running boars target. A moving target with highlighting, has an electric drive.

Also, the Intercept has classical targets that move to the shooter when the button is pressed.

Target module – 614 $

It includes:

  • Kenigsberg assault mini shooting gallery
  • Biathlon target
  • Hares target
  • 10 paper Zombie targets
  • has wheels, the width is 0,7M, the height - 1,9M.
  • Running boar target - 351 $

    It includes:

    4 boars, electric drive, LED highlighting. The width is - 1,5M

    Sporting target - 439 $

    Approaching target. Electric drive. 10 targets on a cardboard.

    Panoramic wall banner  9$ per square meter.

    Armored banner with 300dpi print

    Background wall (bullet catcher) -23$ per square meter

    Camouflage net and special Bulletstop fabric. Can not be penetrated by bullets of 4,5mm caliber with the muzzle enbergy up to 7J

    Bafflers for the shooters -  281 $ for 1 section

    1 section with the width of 1m, height 2,5m, tabletop, bullet case, bafflers from the plywood and plexiglass.

    Pneumatic МР-512 riffle - 100 $

    Pneumatic riffle by Izhevsk mechanical plant.

    An example of the Intercept shooting gallery list of equipment
    The room dimensions are: height 2,5m, length 6m, width 4m.
    Target module - 3 pcs
    1 843 $
    Running boar target - 1 pc.
    351 $
    Sporting target - 1 pc.
    439 $
    Panoramic banner for the walls - 1 pc.
    251 $
    Back wall - bullet catcher - 1 pc.
    228 $
    Baffler for shooters - 4 units
    1 123 $
    Riffle set (3 psc, go ina package) - 1 set
    300 $
    4 535 $

    We can always create any equipment list of the Intercept gallery on your demand.