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Koenigsberg assault mini shooting gallery

A gallery for home and outdoor

Many of us have pneumatic rifles they bought or were gifted with. But usually we shoot at anything we have. Crashed bottles at the countryside and damaged trees proove this.

You can take a Koenigsberg Assault mini gallery with you to the countryside

Video about the gallery

Mini gallery is designed after the Dohna tower that was defended by german forces in 1945 in Koenigsberg.

Mini gallery is designed for shooting with pneumatic rifles with muzzle energy from 3J to 25J.

The frame material is 2mm steel. The height is 40cm, the width is 48cm, weight is 5kg. You can use minigallery outdoors. There is no need to connect the electricity.

The gallery design is based on the historical events during the World War II. We used documented materials of the assault of Koenigsberg by the Soviet Army in April 1945.

A figure in the window of the tower disappears after the hit. In order to reset the targets for the next game shoot the enemy general.

Targets are made of 3mm steel. They do not bend after the hit from any weapon with the muzzle energy up to 25J.

Regulation system will help to choose a fire mode for weapons with different muzzle energy - from guns to rifles.

The galery has weapon power indicators that will help to adjust it precisely for the shooter.

Mini gallery is designed based on Dohna tower that was defended by the german troops in Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad nowadays) in 1945.

German command made its best to prepare the Der Dohna tower for holdout in the siege mode.

Mini gallery has LED higlighting. You can shoot in the dark or at night. The targets are clearly seen in the darkness.

The gallery is made in Russia. It is reliable and durable.

Height – 40cm. Width – 50cm. Weigth - 6kg.

Price: 106 $. Upfront payment.

We offer discounts for wholesalers.

We will deliver the gallery across the whole Russia and abroad.