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The Sea Battle airsoft shooting gallery

A smart gallery for airsoft weapons
The prices start from 4K $

The Navy fans will enjoy the Sea Battle.

The plot is based on defending the sea borders of our Motherland.
The shooting gallery is automated and the customers are served 6 times
faster compared to the regular gallery. The gallery records the shots number
and does not allow employees to misappropriate revenues.

Video about the shooting gallery

The gallery features
The Sea Battle shooting gallery is a ready business​
The background of the gallery is a picture of a sea battle. The materials of walls and ceiling are not penetrated by the bullets. The picture stays fresh and beautiful for more than 3 years.​
We offer a ready shooting gallery with a pavilion. The targets, the design, the gallery theme are thought out. Set the gallery up in one day and meet your first clients​
We solved the rebound issue, soft and solid materials are used in the gallery. One doesn’t need protective glasses!​
The targets in the gallery are moving. 
They make customers buy additional shots!
Add an outdoor package to your gallery and set it in the park.​
The gallery control system operates in the gallery, it records the number of shots and expels the employee misapplication.​
The targets have drives, the instructor sets them up with a remote control.​
The airsoft weapons are the copies of the real ones. The famous AK 47 and M4 fire with plastic balls.​

Commercial offer

A brief teaser with all the important details on the gallery.
Show it to your partner or investor.

Pictures of the shooting gallery

The Sea Battle is a new development of 2017.

The targets in the gallery

The targets in the Sea Battle airsoft gallery are made up from industrial 4 mm
rubber. They keep their form for more than 10 years.

Remote control console

All the targets have electric drives. The employee presses the buttons and the targets are set up after the hit.


Targets for a prize game. You have to shoot 10 soldiers using 10 shots. Targets are set up automatically.


Moving targets. The battleships move chaotically simulating the approach of an enemy armada.


The targets are flying beneath the ceiling. They are for experienced shooters.


Small targets. You have to shoot them using 3 shots.


Group targets. Are being set up from the control console after the hit.


Pavilion is a room styled as a military ship (dimensions are: width 3m, length 5m, height 2,5m)
You will not waste your time creating a pavilion from scratch using materials on hand. Everything is already designed and build. You only have to set it up according to the manual and start to work.

The pavilion is made complying to the GOST regulations and allows an outdoor use.

The background wall and the ceiling are made up from solid material with a painting. A bright picture does not require to be refreshed and is not penetrated by the bullets. Bounds are impossible in the gallery.

The gallery pavilion is bulletproof. The weapons are fixed and it provides safety. 

The standard package of the gallery already has rolling shutters, they firmly protect your gallery from bad weather and intruders. 

The gallery looks perfect indoor as well as on the streets.

The walls of the gallery are the panoramic view of the sea battle. The painting is made by a professional artist and with the help of military advisers. 

The battleship shooting gallery plays the sounds of the waves and the land swell.

There is an artificial grass on the floor, nap on the surface prevents bounds.

Pros of the shooting gallery
600 bullets are loaded into the airsoft weapon. One does not have to loose time to reload.​
We delivered a motivating prize system. The customer will return to your gallery to win the super prize. ​
the Sea Battle shooting gallery is like a construction toy, you can buy it and set it up yourself in order to save on installation.​
Airsoft shooting gallery does not require licenses or permits.​
We offer a GalleryControl​  system The bullets are provided 4 times faster compared with the manual way. Also, you will forget about dishonest employees forever. The full statistics on the gallery work will allow to analyze the activity.​ 
Virtual panoramic view of the gallery
please, wait , the panorama is loading...

Gallery set up process

The set up time is 10 hours of two man shift. Installation supervision can also be provided.

Gallery background – 4 000 $

The gallery background is a back wall with targets and the controls. WIthout pavilion.

It contains:

  • 49 targets (20 soldiers, 6 helocpters, 3 bombers, 4 fighters, 5 scooter boats, 2 big helicopters, 1 submarine, 5 sea mines, 3 mine sweepers). All targets have electric drives.
  • Anti reboundary material with the picture right behind the targets (3m. x 2,2m.). Frame for setting the targets on the stands.
  • Dimensions of the background: width - 3m., height - 2,2m.
  • Electric target control unit.

The gallery can be set up in your own room. 

Decorate the walls with a sea battle oicture banner so that the whole designed of the gallery will be finished. The width is- 5m. The height is - 2,2m. Two banners for both walls - 228 $ 

Pavilion – 3 667 $

Set the pavilion in the shopping center, you will see, the customers will love it!

Pavilion consists of:

  • Pavilion designed in a naval style: Tikkurila painted plywood, 3m/5m/2,2m, assembled shield, painted battle panorama, electrics, prewiring, lights
  • Rolling shutters with lock
  • Illuminators on the gallery walls with pictures  – 8 pcs., steering wheels and anchors
  • Bullet proof roof painted as a sky
  • Ropes on the racks along the perimeter
  • Table for weapons, goods and prizes
  • Floor surface - artificial grass
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Medical kit

Would you like to set a shooting gallery up in a park? That is not an issue! Purchase additional street package  and join the battle!

Additional options
Outdoor package - 702 $

Outdoor package protects from weather conditions and curious onlookers

It consists of:

  • Rain protection. Profiled flooring.
  • Reinforced design of the pavilion. Additional bars and farms.
Gallery Control system - 1 316 $​

Gallery Control is a control unit and software. Connect rifles to the unit and

install the software on your laptop. The gallery will become automated.
The employee manages the gallery through the laptop, the bullets are
delivered to the barrel automatically. There is no reload. The gallery owner
sees the statistics on the screen at the end of the day. It is impossible to
cheat a gallery with the Gallery Control.
You can learn more about the system on the Gallery Control website

Weapons set for the gallery - 1 123 $

 Softball АК-47 (Kalashnikov) – 3 pcs, 

 Technical preparations of the weapons (harnessing protection relay from
zapping, spring replacement in order to slow down the bullet and
increasing the sustainability of the drive)
 bullets – 5000 pcs., 

 weapons preparation for connecting to the Gallery Control system
(attaching the wires with attachment caps), 
 silicone grease

Prizes – 123 $

pot, sailor shirt, 100- magnet badges, flask, compass, seabag, awards
badge -3pcs.

You are a beginning entrepreneur. What to start with?

1. Register as a self-employed entrepreneur.;

2. Find a location for a gallery in your city or town.;

3. Sign a rental agreement with the landlord (or a mall). Bargain on the price till you get the one you like. Show a gallery presentation to the owner;

4. Receive a gallery from us and set it up (a detailed manual comes with a gallery);

5. Make a huge event on opening the airsoft shooting gallery!Meet your first customers!;

6. Now you can have the money you invested into the gallery back! In Russia the state grants beginning entrepreneurs with money for socially important projects. The Sea Battle qualifies for that.

the Sea Battle gallery franchise

Advantages of the Sea Battle gallery franchise:

- Franchise is an excellent way to start your business from nothing based on a strong company's experience;

- There are no lump sums and statutory payments. Franchise is free;

- Free consultations for the gallery owner. We know all about the shooting galleries and will teach how to earn a lot;

- Free mock-ups for the advertising materials on the gallery are available for you;

- You will always have your personal discount buying goods from us;

- There are no analogues of the Sea Battle shooting gallery. With such a tool you will be always welcomed at any mall or a park.

Franchising is a good start for a begining entrepreneur!

Technical information

  • Dimensions: width-3m; length-5m.; height-2,5m.
  • The mass of a set up gallery is - 800kg. The volume is 8 cubic meters.
  • The foreground mass is 180kg. The voulme is 1,2 cubic meters.
  • Electricity requirements - 220V/50 Hz. Consumption is 0,3 kW/h.
  • Installation time - 10 hours of two workers. Contract supervision assembly is available at additional price.
  • Payment form - any. We sign a contract on delivery to your city.
  • The warrant on the targets is 1 year. The foreground lifespan is 15 years.