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For Motherland!

Profitable pneumatic rifle shooting gallery​
Prices start from 4K $

Pneumatic shooting gallery is created based on the World War II and is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

Classic steel targets and automated work make the gallery a high profit business.

Video about the gallery

The gallery features​
For Motherland! gallery is a turn-key ready business
The background of the gallery is a colorful panorama of a battle. Transparent pneumatic armor is being used in the For Motherland gallery that will protect the picture for many years. The gallery background will always look like a new one.
The targets are moving in a pneumatic gallery for the first time ever ​. They make customers buy additional shots!​
Add an outdoor package to your gallery and set it in the park.​
You can install the gallery at a location with good traffic in a mall or entertainment center.
The gallery background can be used at school in the initial military training classes or for passing the GTO test.

Commercial offer

A brief teaser with all the important details about the gallery. Show it to your partner or investor.

Pictures of the operating galleries

We have sold more than 60 galleries for 2 years it exists. You can buy a gallery and install it at a park or in the mall.

Targets at the gallery

The targets in the For Motherland! pneumatic gallery are made up according to GOST from 3mm steel. They will keep their form forever and will not bend.


Target for a prize game. You have to hit 10 soldiers using 10 shots. The targets are set up back automatically after the hit.


The targets comply well with the landscape. Are set up back automatically after the hit.

Tanks and ships

Moving targets. Tanks and ships move chaotically imitating the enemy forces approaching.


The targets are flying beneath the ceiling. They are for experienced shooters.

Prize zeppelin

The target is divided to sectors. The mission is to shoot all the sectors using 5 shots.


A large target for beginners.


Pavilion of the gallery is a standalone room (dimesions are: width 3,2m, length 5,1m, height 2,5m). Pavilion of the pneumatic gallery is made of timber and is styled as a military dug-out.

The pavilion is made complying to the GOST regulations and allows an outdoor use.

The gallery pavilion is bulletproof. The weapons are fixed using hawsers and it provides safety.

You can install roller shutters at the gallery, they will securely protect you from weather conditions and intruders.

The gallery looks well outdoors as well as in doors.

The gallery background is made of pnuematic armor. The pictore does not require to be refreshed. Due to the patented technology the rebounds are impossible at the pneumatic gallery.

The gallery walls are the World War II battle panorama painted by a professional artist with the consultations from military experts.

The war sounds, front line songs and the battlefield reports by Levitan are played in the For Motherland! gallery 

You have to install the shop windows at the gallery walls. Selling goods will provide additional revenue. The gallery assembly time is 1 day. You have tom install shop windows at the gallery walls. Selling goods will provide additional revenue. A gallery comes with a detailed manual.

We offer a bullet providing machine. The employee is not touching the money and so he can not keep the cash for himself.

Bullets are in capsules by 10 or by 15 - that is your choice.

Gallery pros
We delivered a motivating prize system. The customer will return to your gallery to win the super prize.​
You can sell pneumatics at the gallery - place goods at the shop windows and have additional revenue.
For Motherland! shooting gallery is like a construction toy, you can buy it and set it up yourself in order to save on installation.​​
Pneumatic shooting gallery does not require licenses or permits.​​
We offer a bullet delivery machine with a bill acceptor. The bullets are served 4 times faster comopared with the manual way and also you will  forget about dishonest employees forever​.
Virtual gallery panorama
please, wait , the panorama is loading...​

Gallery installation process

It takes 2 workers 10 hours to do that. Contracted installation supervision is available on additional price.

Gallery foreground – 4 000 $

The gallery foreground is a back wall with target and controls. Without a pavilion.

It contains:

  • 50 targets (20 soldiers, 7 infantry units, 4 battletanks, 4 cruisers, 3 cannons, 6 artillerymen, 3 airplanes, 3 zeppelins). All targets have electric drives.
  • Target framing syste. Antyrebound pneumatic aromor. Steel screen on racks
  • The foreground dimensions: widht 3m.,  height 2,2m.
  • Electric target control unit.

You can install the gallery at your room. Recommended dimensions are width from 2,5m to 3m, length from 4,5m to 6m, height from 2,2m to 3m.

Design your side walls with our banners painted with a battle pictures. The price is 226 $.

Pavilion – 3 667 $

You can install a pavilion with the gallery at a mall or at a cinema. This is a turn key solution. 

It contains:

  • Military style pavilion: pinewood 3m/5m/2,2m, assembled mantelets, painted battle panorama an option to install shop windows, prewiring, lights
  • Military posters on the gallery walls– 8 pcs.
  • Bulletproof ceiling
  • Camouflage net - a design element
  • Table to store weapons, goods and prizes
  • Locked entrance group
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Medical kit

In order to install the gallery outdoors you have to add an outdoor package to it.

On demand
Outdoor package  - 1 018 $.

The outdoor packege is for isntalling the gallery outdoors. It is a protection from weather conditions and vandals. It contains:

  • Rain protection. Profiled flooring.
  • Armored pavilion design. Additional farms and racks.
  • Vandal proof  wall cover. Steel plates on the inside surface of the pavilion.
  • Reinforced entrance group. Waterproof plywood with steel plates.
  • On demand roller shutters
Metall roller shutters – 527 $

The shutters have a lock. Vandal proof.

Bullet delivery machnie  - 1 299 $

Bullets are provided in capsules by 10 or 15. It increases the service speed and saves from dishonest employees.

The machince insludes: 

  • vandal proof bill acceptor
  • option to hang it on a wall
  • bullets in capsules
  • capsule price 0.2 $ (10 bullets)
  • capsule price 0.4 $ (15 bullets)
Weapons  - 299 $
  • 3 МР-512 rifles with renowed plastic. Muzzle energy of 3J.
Shop window - 158 $

Install a shop window in a gallery wall. Turn a gallery into a pneumatics shop. Is supplied only for indoor galleries. It contains:

  • Wooden framing, reinforced glass, locks, LED hoghlighting.
  • The window faceplate is a frontline Beat the Enemy newspaper. You can read the ,military report of those times.
  • You can install up to 8 shop windows. Only for indoor gallery.
Prize set – 123 $

Place the goods in a table. They will underline the military entourage of the gallery. Contains:

Garrison cap, flask, pot, military bag, awards badge - 3 pcs, sailor shirt, sapper shovel, magnets designed as medals - 100 pcs.

Instructor uniform kit - 53 $

  • Red Army fighter uniform. Camouflage jacket and pants, sizes 48-54.
  • Head dress - garrison cap with a badge.

You are a beginning entrepreneur. What to start with?  

1.Register as a self-employed entrepreneur;

2. Find a location for a gallery in your city or town;

3. Sign a rental agreement with the landlord (or a mall). Bargain on the price till you get the one you like. Show a gallery presentation to the owner;

4. Receive a gallery from us and set it up (a detailed manual comes with a gallery);

5. Make an official opening ceremony on opening the shooting gallery!Meet your first customers!;

6. Sell pneumatics at your gallery. The window shops will provide additional revenue.

7. Now you can have the money you invested into the gallery back! In Russia the state grants beginning entrepreneurs with money for socially important projects. The For Motherland gallery qualifies for that.

For Motherland! gallery franchise

Advantages of the For Motherland gallery franchise:

- Franchise is an excellent way to start your business from nothing based on a company's strong  experience;

- There are no lump sums and statutory payments. Franchise is free;

- Free consultations for the gallery owner. We know all about the shooting galleries and will teach how to earn a lot;

- Free mock-ups for the advertising materials on the gallery are available for you;

- You will always have your personal discount buying goods from us;

- There are no analogues of the For Motherland! shooting gallery. With such a tool you will be always welcome at any mall or park.

Franchising is a good start for a begining entrepreneur!

Technical information

  • Dimensions: width-3m; length-5m.; height-2,3m.
  • The mass of a set up gallery is - 900kg. The volume is 8 cubic meters.
  • The foreground mass is 250kg. The voulme is 1,2 cubic meters.
  • Electricity requirements - 220V/50 Hz. Consumption is 0,3 kW/h.
  • Installation time - 10 hours of two workers. Contract supervision assembly is available at additional price.
  • Payment form - any. We sign a contract on delivery to your city.
  • The warrant on the targets is 1 year. The foreground lifespan is 15 years.