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Zombola - pneumatic mini shooting gallery

A gallery for a home or outdoor use

How to create a high quality product? It's easy. It is only necesary that the authors of the item use it themselves in their regular lives.

We work hard and we play hard. We love barbeques at the picnic. And we always have a pair of pneumatic rifles in the back of our cars and a Zombola pneumatic mini-gallery.

The gallery is absolutely OK with the pneumatics riffle bullets with the muzzle energy from 3J to 25J.

Height is 20 cm. Width is 30 сm. Weight is 2kg. Our strong guy is made of cold rolling 2mm steel. You have to try really hard to break it.

If you hit a zombie it will fall and disappear from the house window. Kiled all the wights? Hit a central target and the zombies will appear again. The game will only end when  you ran out of ammo.

Zombies are very solid. The targed is 3 mm thick. They will never bend, Your grandkids will thank you for the inherited  Zombola.

It's even more exciting to shoot at the dark. The LED lights are powered by a small battery. The zombies are seen pretty well.

We are proud of russian weapons durability. Now we can say so about the russian targets.

Height – 18 сm. Width – 20 сm. Weight - 2 kg.

Price: 88 $. Upfront payment.

We offer discounts for the wholesalers.

We deliver across Russia by a transport company. Delivery is paid for when received.